Saturday, April 11, 2009

Key Animation

Here is a Key test for a woman sitting down in a subway car. It's the first half of a larger piece of animation. The test is mostly on fours. I'm trying to work harder on controlling my slow ins and slow outs. This key test is not quite finished. I want to get it to the point where I'd feel comfortable handing it to an inbetweener (which will end up being ME). But separtating the KEYS from the INBETWEENS will be a good exercise for me.


cristis said...

I love the way you animate.I just saw your demo reel at YouTube.Wow!Great and very fluid movements,strong drawing skills.Amazing.I wish I could animate as good as you.

Dan Segarra said...

Hey Beej!

Talk about appealing animation. You have such wonderful detail in this, man. Inspirational!

David Childers said...

Wow!! Your key tests are even really fluid! Did you animate them straight ahead or did you start with some main poses and bring it to 4s, and 2s?