Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Process PART 2: Researching

Coming up with an idea and dreaming about the endless possibilities of that idea is, in most ways, the easiest part.

I think of the "idea" as something located on the opposite side of a dark room. If you just start walking forward through the room, you'll trip and stumble over furniture because you don't know the layout as well as you thought. But if you take time to illuminate it before walking to the other side, the likelihood that you'll be tripped up by obstacles is diminished somewhat.

I built my character out of clay, and in addition I've built up my confidence in drawing her. I've done this before with other characters and it always helps.


Guido Salimbeni said...

do you start with the clay first? or do you do some sketches before and then the clay to develop the idea?

BJ Crawford said...

The sketches were done first. I used them to build the clay model.

Now that I have the model, I can go in and make drawings of her from more extreme angles.

Matt Shepherd said...

holy taledo, what are you cookin! what's this for man?????? um super curious!

Armando said...

That does look cool.

Jeremy Shaw said...


Trent Correy said...

very cool BJ, thanks for posting all this process!

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