Saturday, September 5, 2009

August Entry

Thief from bj crawford on Vimeo.

This month was a struggle. The idea, for which I had some help, was difficult to come by. The posing and blocking could have been better. I received excellent feedback, and I wish I had more time to incorporate it.

I probably spent too much time preparing to animate. (Weird, I know). I looked at a lot of Milt Kahl, Glene Keane and Will Eisner. I spent time photographing hand/body reference. But then I just did a lot of sitting around thinking and worrying.

Here is the first blocking I did:


And then the final blocking:


A lot of the best feedback I received picked up on problems that are noticable in these two blocking tests. But I sorta refused any hardcore critique at this stage - bad move on my part!
Anyways, it came together in the end, but there is still work to be done in his performance.
Oh, and the phone cord is missing... gotta remember to add that in.


calista said...

Congrats on winning 11secondclub again! You are awesome! =)

Greetings from Vancouver, Canada!

calista antonio

Athena said...

Gorgeous work. Congratulations.

Nubian Greene said...

You won AGAIN.

I have to tell I did vote you to win,it was the most excellent piece of 2d animation i've seen a while.

I'm entering this month and hope i'm not against you.


"TORI CAT" said...

Congratulations BJ!!!

Are you now going for he 11second club hat trick?
hee hee!! :)

Awesome work!! Fantastic acting and timing, the character really feels alive. I love how he is juggling a phone, a smoke, a book, a flash light and a ripped out page.... Its really great to see how he handles everything and reacts to it. I loves it!! ;)
Super Draftsmanship!! You Really Deserved to win!!

Keep up the good work!!
All the best,

Herman G said...

Congrats on winning, So Cool... And thanks for posting the Work in progress, Very valuable to see the raw drawings.

Daniel Huertas said...

well deserved win BJ... great work as always :)

Chan Ghee Leow said...

This is...


Congratulations. It's beautiful! All the hard work's paid off :) I love the hands. They just feel so tactile.

mattanimation said...

really, really stunning work. Congrats on the win too.

brapley said...

Very inspirational work! Congrats on the win. I hope to step my work up to this level some day.

Matt Shepherd said...


Fantastic, you know it's something, when you watch the clip and it looks, feels, sounds like they were meant/intended to be coupled from day 1.

I guess what I'm saying is, if I didn't know any better, I'd say the audio was recorded specifically for your animation and nothing else.

Great work, you should take next month :| haha! kiddin, I'll be throwing my hat in the ring for a shot at your title! :D

Matt Shepherd said...

that's "take next month off" :| NOT take next month

CarolineJarvis said...

Shit dude that's fantastic!
Great job!

BJ Crawford said...

Hey Matt,

Thanks, man. It looks like you've been really diving into the 3D world. How do you like it so far?
Your work has been great.

Are you going 2d or 3d for next month?

hans said...

wouldn't motion capture look much better? just asking. lots of important people ask that question nowadays. because they have no f... clue.
please continue what you are doing, don't give in

IanVollick said...

This is so appealing! I just can't get over how good the hand poses are!

Trent Correy said...

bj, AWESOME work man. Absolutely lovely animation, fantastic timing, but the best part has to be the hands. Time well spent in the pre-animation work. I have to say, your clown animation inspired me to take the time and try the 11 second club, this inspires me even more!!! I was in the competition, but I have much to imrpove it's great to see your process! Great job again, congradulations!!!!!

Matt Shepherd said...

Hey BJ

Yea the 3d is not as easy as the 2d, I find I just forget everything I think I know, when it comes animating in 3d. Like what makes 2d appealing(poses, thought, timing), not that I know much...

Yea this month is going to be 2d I think, I started blocking out an idea for a 3d piece but then that quickly turned into me wanting to finsh it classically.

Your work is really inspirational and depressing all in one, its so good I can't help but feel like I am not gatting "it" . You know, the "IT" factor, or appeal, which is oozing out of your animation!

Do you find that when a character is doing something, some task or what have you, you get a better performace? Rather than the typical theatrical approach where it looks like they are delivering a soliloquy, which I find is what tends to happen... or maybe thats just me..

You have to submit this month, you have a title to defend! :D However, if you didnt participate that's cool too ;) give the rest of us a fightin' chance!

Josh Taback said...

Awe inspiring. I would have been shocked if you didn't win. I love the caricatured design mixed with some of the most life like acting I have ever seen.

Matt Shepherd said...


How's it going? I have a question, can you scan some of your timing charts??? I am super curious to see how whatchyou got goin' on there :|

Cheers! YOu have somethin cookin for this month???

BJ Crawford said...

hey matt,

I was so pressed for time that a lot of it was straight ahead. sorry, man!

Erik D. Martin said...

incredible animation man!

ManuPela said...

Good job! ;)
I really love your works!

Monstergue said...

This blog is awesome!!

$@lm@n/Gh@$$em! said...
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Tony DiStefano said...

Not only is the animation great but you were clever to use Fred Macmurry's dialogue from Flubber.

Dhar said...

May I also add my congratulations and admiration of your inspiring work. Bravo!


Sweet stuff man :) Funny that I got the link to your blog from a friend when I just was you 11sec animation on the animation mentor crit. Congrats!

حاتم ناصر الشرباتي said...

oh very nice..
i want you to reply pls on the 11secondclub forums on my question

in another words ...of i want to do like this animation...should i draw every frame on paper and scan it ..
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Matthew Long said...

This turned out really nice, a well deserved win. Looking forward to seeing more. Maybe I'll join the competition one of these days.

niall dowdell said...

Its fantastic work. I was curious if you post the feedback you received picked up on problems that are noticeable in these two blocking tests.

You mention getting feedback but not what the feedback was?

I'm an animation student in Canada and am really curious to know what the problems are in your blocking.

Thanks so much! Really awesome stuff.

niall dowdell said...

You can also reach me via email.