Friday, January 8, 2010

Subway animation inbetweened

This piece was roughed out for an in-class demo at Columbia College. And it sat there.

Then I cleaned the keys up. And it sat there.

Then I added an ending to it in rough storyboard form. And it sat there.

This week I finally inbetweened and scanned it. And now it sits here:

Subway from bj crawford on Vimeo.


Paweł Świerczyński said...
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Paweł Świerczyński said...

It`s unbelievably amazing!

Ratul Sarna said...

Super neat piece! The clip shows so much of the personality....Inspiring stuff.

Andrew Chesworth said...

Great work, BJ! I love the subtle touches of secondary movement on even the smallest actions, particularly the loose strand of hair and the billowing skirt.

Jett said...

Just talked with you about this but thought I'd put down some concrete thoughts.
I love the little thoughtful touches you put in...the readjustment of the feet before she sits, the lovely squash and stretch of her hair, especially as she sits and it recovers, the adjustment of the skit...very, very well thought out.

It really turns this piece from an simple exercise (walk and sit) to a lovely bit of a thinking character. Love it.

Sarah Satrun said...

very nice! :)

thndrcat said...


I was wondering what happened to this one. So glad to see it come this far along!

I can't wait to see the ending added on.. wasn't some sloppy guys s'possed to sit next to her? Lol

mattanimation said...

great subtle acting and personality

Matt Shepherd said...

Nice work. As usual.

Side note, I posted a new demo, if you get a free moment. It'd be cool to have someone of your caliber tell me what should be yanked.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Nearchos said...

Amazing work mate!

Christopher Hodgey said...

really, really good. I'm looking forward to going thru it frame by frame and having a look at the rough versions to learn as much as I can from it. It's very inspiring

Trip Wynn said...

beautiful, bouncy, secondary. Brilliant work.

Armando said...

Excellent line work ~

Marc said...

that is sweeeet

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